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Collaboration with/

Premio Celeste and Celeste Prize graphic and communication (2013-2017).
Simona Bertozzi choreographer, photo.
Andrea Salvatori Artist, graphics and photo 

Bob Saphena Artist, curator. 

Gervasuti Foundation Venice, collaboration.
EMI Italia ( graphic cover cd),  Montefiori Cocktail.
Monsieur Blumenberg, graphic cd and video

Theater Director Antonio Latella  
(reportage photographic and graphic catalog)

ARK Milano collaboration curator art exhibition and photo.

Oltremarino Beach Resort Goa, India, graphic and communication. 

Provincia Forlì-Cesena, communication photo and graphic.

CSS Udine, photo.
Schauspielhaus Wien, photo.

Schauspielhaus  Colonia, photo. 

Odeon Paris, photo.

Berlin International Totales theater, photo. 
Teatro Stabile Umbria, photo.

La Maison du Couturier / Lamberto Petri, photo.

Atelier cucina Foodlovers, graphic.

Biennale Disegno Rimini 2014, 2016, 2018 (catalogues).

Risvolti Exhibition curator and catalog design
PierAntonioGaspari (2016 -2020) communication, graphic, video, and photo.

Photo Exhibitions/

2010 and 2011 European Festival of Photography
in Reggio Emilia

2011 Starye Dom (The Old House) in Novosibirsk /Siberia

2012 Catch Air Arsenale Verona

2014 BLK los angeles

2015 Risvolti dell'Abito - Vestizioni Rimini

2020  cluster photography and print/ in london

Public images: 
Les Arpenteurs de l'Europe Cultures France, 
D Repubblica, Vogue Living Australia,  Vogue Italy, Art'0, Patalogo, il Sole 24 ore,  Venerdì Repubblica, Exposure NY Grand Prix Photographer.


Since 2012  Founder, Creative & Art Director of Lazagne art magazine. 


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